VidShow Controller

VidShow™ Controller

Since 2001, our VidShow™ controllers have set a new standard as the first ever, fully integrated show control and multi-channel MPEG video servers. VidShow™controllers are ideal for 3D, 4D/5D, 4D theaters, multi-image large format screens, motion base rides and motion simulators, rich-content interactive exhibits, and the X4D® Motion EFX Experience. VidShow™ is an extension of our premier ShowFlow™ control system. By adding one or more of our hardware video decoder cards, it becomes not only a full show control unit, but also the most programmable MPEG and Hi-Definition video server available! Featuring up to 16 independent or synchronized MPEG-2 video streams, or up to 6 independent or synchronized High Definition video streams, VidShow™Controllers provide unprecedented control over, not just the video streams, but also internal or external Digital and Analog I/O, DMX, Midi, RS232, or Ethernet based devices. Available in a variety of configurations and optional I/O interfaces, VidShow™ provides a single integrated unit for your 4D/5D theater, interactive exhibit, attraction or ride.

Typical Uses:

  • X4D® Motion EFX Theater video server and controller
  • Multi-Channel surround video theater source
  • Interactive Museum displays (up to 16 separate exhibits from one unit)
  • Digital Signage generator
  • Video on Demand server
  • Large Screen theater projection source
  • Interactive exhibits and kiosks

High Definition (HD) Options:
MediaMation, Inc. offers 2 HD options, our dual channel Standard HD or feature rich HD+.

Standard HD Card

  • 2 channels per card
  • Up to 3 cards per unit for a total of 6 channels
  • Independent or multi-channel, frame accurate sync groups, or both
  • Decodes all 18 ATSC HD formats
  • Outputs: Component or RGBHV at 1920x1080i resolution
  • AC-3 5.1 digital and MPEG2 stereo audio output
  • Playback at up to 40Mbps
  • Very Cost effective

HD+ Card Up to 6 cards per unit

  • Independent or multi-channel, frame accurate sync groups, or both
  • Supports bit rates up to 80Mbs
  • Synchronized playback across multiple units for unlimited channelsGenlock input
  • Serial Digital
  • Interface video output with up to 12 channels of embedded audio, plus DVI and analog RGBHV (or YPbPr) outputs
  • 6 AES3 digital audio outputs
  • Linear Time Code (LTC) output

Standard Definition (SD) Options:
Our SD cards come in either 2 channel or 4 channel versions with a maximum of 16 channels per unit.

  • Replaces DVD and Laser Disc players
  • Fully programmable and scriptable interaction
  • Outputs: NTSC and PAL
  • Composite, S-video, or Component
  • Stereo audio output or AC-3 digital per channel

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