Digital Cinema Players Doremi Server DCP-2K4

The Dolby® DCP-2K4 cinema server is a modification of the Dolby DCP-2000 that boasts a storage capacity of up to 6 TB, making it the largest on the market. The Dolby DCP-2K4 also includes DVD-ROM and removable SATA ingest options that give exhibitors additional flexibility in terms of how they receive and ingest content at the screen level.

Dolby DCP-2000 Key Features
·         Multifile playback
·         2D and 3D playback
·         Enhanced security
·         Captioning device control
·         DVD and removable SATA ingest inputs
·         Live MPEG2 and H.264 playback via optional StreamIt license

Dolby DCP-2K4 Specifications
·         JPEG2000 2K or 4K movie and preshow file playback at 2K resolution—12-bit 4:4:4 (XYZ, RGB) on dual-link HD-SDI
·         MPEG2 MXF interop movie, preshow, and alternative content file playback
·         3D—JPEG2000 movies and 48p playback via dual 10- bit 4:2:2 (YPbPr/YCxCz)
·         TI’s CineLink™ II Strong Link Encryption
·         DCI-compliant forensic watermarking (FIPS 140-2 level 3 security certified)
·         Gigabit Ethernet for file transfer
·         Gigabit Ethernet for control and subtitling
·         RS-422 serial control port
·         USB 2.0
·         External control of captioning devices WGBH and PCS (optional)
·         Up to 6 TB of RAID 5 storage
·         AES/EBU audio digital, 16 channels
o    Single DB-25 connector
·         Balanced or unbalanced analog audio, eight channels (two options available)
o    Single DB-25 connector internal board
o    External digital audio (DB-25) to analog audio converter in a 1RU rack mount chassis
·         Eight optically isolated inputs
·         Eight open collector outputs
Ingest Inputs
·         USB, Ethernet, CRU SATA 2, DVD-ROM
Video Output
·         Dual-link HD-SDI with physical link encryption
Output Resolution
·         Dual-link 2048 × 1080 24p 4:4:4 12 bit
·         Two single-link 2048 × 1080 24p 4:2:2 10 bit
·         Dual-redundant power supply
·         100–240 VAC; 50–60 Hz (2× 400 W)
·         4U rack unit
·         48 × 56 × 19 cm (19” × 22” × 7” inch)
·         Weight: 22 kg (48 lb)

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