Digital Cinema Projector

With the ability to display DCI, 3D, High Frame Rate (HFR), alternative and local content, this projector takes superior performance coupled with flexibility and affordability to a new level. Feature film content can be displayed using the optional Christie® integrated media block (IMB-S2)1 with improved performance or another popular Series-2 integrated media block (IMB) system2 using the open IMB slot. This will help to reduce your overall system cost and increase overall system reliability. The Christie CP2208 also offers HFR upgrade capabilities and support for advertising and alternative content.

For external alternative content sources, the Christie CP2208 has dual DVI/HDMI inputs, configurable for both 2D and 3D operation.

3D capabilities

Christie CP2208 supports all external 3D systems. For higher brightness 3D presentations, the Christie CP2208 can be easily stacked for a dual-projection, 3D presentation.

Xenon illumination and S2K DLP Cinema technology

The Christie CP2208 delivers 9,000 lumens within the DCI color space and 10,000 lumens when presenting alternative content. With brilliant Xenon illumination and S2K DLP® Cinema® technology, CP2208 produces the highest quality images at the lowest possible total cost.


Leveraging four high performing xenon lamp options, the Christie CP2208 delivers superior brightness in the DCI color space.

​Available with Christie Previsto High Frame Rate technology

With Christie Previsto HFR technology, your investment is ready for the next evolution of digital cinema. Display premium 2D/3D HFR feature film and alternative content in its original format, giving your audiences the best visual experience possible.

To learn more about high frame rates and the next evolution of digital cinema display, see Christie’sHigh Frame Rate Technology Overview.


  • Fully DCI-compliant
  • Choose from 5 Xenon lamp options
  • 3D ready
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Motorized lens mount
  • Open IMB slot - choose the ideal Series-2 IMB system based on your requirements
  • Optional Christie integrated media block with SMS and high-performance NAS storage
  • Touch panel controller with intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • HFR capable
  • Standard support for HDCP
  • Quick, easy rear access to the lamp
  • Washable/reusable filters
  • Backed by a dedicated technical support team

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3DLP projector for screens up to 35 feet, with an open IMB slot

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